About Bosei Gakujuku

Founded in 1936 by Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, Bosei Gakujuku is engaged in the following five areas, with the goal of inheriting the institution’s spirit and endeavors and forever handing down the founding spirit of Tokai University.

(1) Collecting, editing, and disseminating Bosei Gakujuku-related materials
(2) Educating youth through Judo
(3) Promoting social physical education
(4) Cultural activities that include cultural courses and open lecture meetings
(5) Other activities as required


Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae and Bosei Gakujuku

Bosei Gakujuku is a private school established by Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae for the purpose of embodying and firmly putting into practice the precious way of life he learned from the Christian thinker Kanzo Uchimura (1861-1930). The school is modeled on the educational system of the Folkehøjskole system (folk high school or national university).
In January 1982, the school became an institution affiliated with the Tokai University Educational System (TES), and it remains so to this day.

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Message from the President

A message from the President of Bosei Gakujuku, Dr. Tatsuro Matsumae.

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Bosei Gakujuku’s Activities

An introduction to Bosei Gakujuku’s primary activities.

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