Bosei Gakujuku’s Activities

Here are the primary activities in which Bosei Gakujuku is engaged.

The Matsumae Judo-Juku

We aim to nurture the children and the young people of the future through physical activities.
Since the school’s founding in 1976, we have been putting our four-line slogan into practice through judo:

Cultivate your thoughts in your early days
Nurture your body in your early days
Develop your intellect in your early days
Aim your hopes towards the stars in your early days

With the words of our founder Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, “Judo, Friendship, Peace,” serving as our guiding principle, we have been holding International Friendship Week every summer break since 2008 as a means of actively engaging in international exchange activities. Study Abroad Japan with Judo, the core of the program, provides training in Japan through judo and encourages both refinement of skills and international exchange.

The Bosei Koza (Open Lecture Series)

The open lecture meetings, which began during the pre-war period, were resuscitated as the Bosei Koza in February 1983. Themes suitable for the times are chosen from a variety of fields. The purpose of the lectures is not only to gain knowledge from experts in various fields, but also to nurture a broad outlook on life and the world and cultivate a sound way of seeing and thinking about issues.

Other Activities

Based on our belief that education is a lifelong endeavor, we provide learning opportunities for people of all ages in the local community rooted in the philosophy of forging a peaceful society through education.
We also use our resources and facilities to provide opportunities for developing talent by hosting workshops and collaborating on training sessions held by other organizations to pass on our school’s spirit.

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