A Message from the President

Bosei Gakujuku began as a small private school established by Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, the founder of Tokai University, together with several like-minded colleagues in 1936. It was a training ground that followed the education model of the Folkehøjskole system (folk high school or national university) and was focused on educating the youth. Students discussed the future of Japan and the world based on studies of the Bible.
The firm conviction of Dr. Matsumae: “The foundation of building a nation lies in education.” permeated the institution, and it became the basis for present-day Tokai University.
Today, as an institution that is part of Tokai University Educational System (TES), Bosei Gakujuku has inherited the spirit and activities that existed at its founding, and actively engages in collecting and editing research materials, opening a number of unique classes, and offering a place of lifelong community-based education. We wish to forge a new path toward the future along with those who support our school’s mission, all while cherishing the philosophy of social education that has been an integral part of the history of the institution.

塾長 松前達郎
Dr. Tatsuro Matsumae, President of Bosei Gakujuku

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